How HealthXpressIdentityProtection Works

Peace of mind delivered

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Dark web monitoring

Our bots and embedded human intelligence operatives search the dark web for compromised credentials. We then alert members who have been compromised.

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Stolen fund reimbursement

Funds stolen from a bank account, 401(k), or HSA? We’ll reimburse it. We even advance tax refunds that were fraudulently issued.

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Pre-existing conditions

If your employees are victims of identity theft or fraud before joining PrivacyArmor, we’ll fully remediate past and present incidents with no extra fees.

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Deceased family member coverage

Family members who pass away are still targets for identity theft. We’ll fully remediate cases for loved ones who have passed on.

Stronger than ever

Enhanced identity monitoring Our proprietary monitoring platform detects high-risk activity to provide rapid alerts at the first sign of fraud. 

Lost wallet protection Easily store, access, and replace wallet contents. Our secure vault conveniently holds important information from credit cards, credentials, and documents. 

Digital exposure reports Members can see and identify where their personal information is publicly available on the internet. 

Social media monitoring We keep tabs on social accounts for everyone in the family, watching for vulgarity, threats, explicit content, violence, and cyberbullying.

24/7 U.S.-based customer care center We believe customer care is an essential part of our team. Our support center is located directly in our corporate headquarters, and our Privacy Advocates are available 24/7. 

Credit assistance* Our Privacy Advocates will help members freeze their credit files with the major credit bureaus. Participants can even dispute credit report items from our portal. 

NEW Financial wellness toolkit Live coaching and tools assist with members’ questions on financial health.

NEW Unlimited Transunion Report & Scores* Members can obtain a TransUnion credit report or score at any time from their PrivacyArmor portal.

NEW IP address monitoring* Exclusive to PrivacyArmor Plus, we scan for malicious use of our members’ IP addresses. IP addresses may contribute to a profile of an individual, which — if compromised — can lead to identity theft. 

COMING SOON Allstate Digital Footprint A digital footprint is a collection of the accounts a person has opened, and information they’ve left behind that might expose them to risk. The Allstate Digital Footprint offers a simple way for people to see their accounts, and it’s our next step in reinventing digital and identity protection. 

*PrivacyArmor Plus features